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  • The Skin is our largest organ

    The skin is unique in many ways, but no other organ is so visible and demands so much attention and care in both diseased and healthy states

  • Skin and subcutaneous disorders are the 4th leading cause of nonfatal disease burden worldwide, emphasizing the role of dermatology in the ever-expanding field of global health. Skin conditions pose significant impact to patients’ well-being, mental health, ability to function, and social participation.

  • Dermatological treatments are largely divided into external application of drugs (topical therapies), systemic therapies (oral administration or injections of drugs), physical therapies (for example, light and climate therapies), and laser or surgical therapies. Among these treatments, topical and localized delivery of active ingredients to the diseased skin is the preferred route of treatment in a majority of patients, reducing the risk of systemic side effects.

Through our scientific innovation, we challenge the status quo to reimagine topical dermatology. Our development activities in dermatology we pursue under the project name:


The evolutionary hyliQ®– technology

hyliQ® is a unique drug delivery technology designed to truly allow for the first-time cutaneous delivery combined with high bioavailability of a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs. The technology enables the development of superior liquid drug products which are fully absorbed into the stratum corneum using convenient spray or roll-on applicators.

The hyliQ® products are non-greasy and quick-drying, with exceptional cosmetic properties. hyliQ® drugs are water-free and do not require preservatives or penetration enhancers.

How does it work

Proprietary hyliQ® carrier molecules interact with the natural lipids in the skin and transport the active ingredients through the stratum corneum, into the epidermis, into glands or into hair follicles. By selection of specific carrier molecules, we can customize the properties of our drug products, enhancing targeted penetration into the skin tissues and reducing unwanted side effects.

Semisolid dosage forms

main dose stays on surface

  • Low API penetration (<5%)

  • Greasy, cumbersome to use

  • Limited compliance

hyliQ® drug product

main dose is adsorbed into the skin

  • Full dose of API can access deeper layers

  • Small volumes required

  • Spreads and creeps into cavities and folds

hyliQ® drug product candidates

Based on the proprietary hyliQ® technology, we develop the next generation of water-free topical skincare products amplifying dermal bioavailability, supporting the regeneration of the natural skin barriers, and providing an unmatched cosmetic feeling for high patient comfort and compliance.

Our goal is to establish a broad range of novel topical drug products. The novel route of administration of existing therapeutic molecules will offer a better risk-benefit ratio with a significantly improved safety profile, resulting in high patience compliance.