First-in-class, preservative free and
clear eye drop containing 0,2% Omega-3

Novaliq Product NovaTears Omega3

NovaTears®+Omega-3 is water- and preservative-free and stable at ambient temperatures. The clear, multi-dose solution is intended for use as an ocular lubricant in conditions involving instability of the tear film leading to dry eye syndrome. It stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and reduces the evaporation of the underlying water phase of the tear film. NovaTears®+Omega-3 lubricates and protects the corneal surface and thereby efficiently relieves the symptoms associated with dry eye like burning, itching, stinging and foreign body sensation.

NovaTears®+Omega-3 eye-drops is a line extension of Novaliq’s existing CE-marked product NovaTears®.

What is the regulatory status of NovaTears®+Omega-3?

  • Europe: The product received its CE-marking according to the Medical Device Directive in October 2017.
  • Other regions: Not registered yet.

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