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Who is Novaliq partnering with?

  • Novaliq has an European Partnership Agreement with Ursapharm, one of the leading EU ophthalmic players. In October 2015, NovaTears® entered the EU market under Ursapharm’s brand name EvoTears®. Since then, EvoTears® has been successfully launched in 16 EU countries.
  • Novaliq has a strategic Licencing Partnership Agreement with AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd (AFT), a New Zealand-based pharmaceutical company listed in ASX and NZX, for the commercialization of NovaTears® in Australia and New Zealand.
  • In April 2019, Novaliq has founded Betaliq Inc., Tampa USA in collaboration with BLP Management Group, LLC. Betaliq develops ophthalmic beta-blockers using Novaliq’s proprietary EyeSol® water-free technology.
  • Novaliq is working with leading academic and industry partners including CROs, CMOs offering product development expertise and execution capabilities through pre-clinical IND, clinical development and regulatory in USA, Europe, China and Japan.

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Academic partners

Novaliq collaborates with leading scientific partners

Novaliq Academic Partner Universität zu Köln

Prof. Dr. med. Claus Cursiefen and Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Steven in the field of ophthalmic drug delivery for the anterior segment of the eye with special focus on dry eye disease.

Novaliq Academic Partner Queen's University

Prof. Heping Xu, MD, PhD, in the field of retina diseases.

Novaliq Academic Partner The University of Auckland

Dr. Ilva Rupenthal in the field of drug delivery technologies and ocular therapeutics.

Novaliq Academic Partner Martin-Luther-Universität

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Wohlrab in the field of penetration and dermatology.

Novaliq Academic Partner Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frieß in the field of protein formulation.

Novaliq Academic Partner The University of Manchester

Prof. Gordon Tiddy and Dr. Robin Curtis in the field of basic research in formulation sciences.

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