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Revolutionize the treatment paradigm for Diabetic Retinopathy

R&D program with distinct and novel drug candidates with relevant modes-of-action in the diabetic retinopathy pathophysiology.

Novaliq Transforms Ophthalmic Topical Therapies

Our unique and versatile water-free technology revolutionizes ocular therapies.

EyeSol® is a novel drug category of drugs

Our products are beneficial for the ocular surface, micro-dosed and non-preserved targeting multiple ophthalmic diseases with a “smart” eye drop.

Overcoming Limitations in Eye Care Therapies

Our technology, opens completely new and exciting opportunities in the eye care for the relief and prevention of ophthalmological diseases in various indications for patients.

We revolutionize dry eye drug therapies

Two new and distinct drug products approved in Dry Eye Disease by the US FDA in 2023.

We are Pioneers

Our team of seasoned industry experts explores the world of water-free therapies to develop best-in-class ocular therapies. We expand into other eye care indications and topical therapeutics spaces.

Novel Drug Products Creation with new composition-of-matter IP

EyeSol® Innovation generates Novel IP until at least.


EyeSol® is a novel drug category of water-free therapies

Disease Areas & Pipeline

Novaliq offers an industry-leading portfolio of topical drug products that are water-free.

Lead product candidates

Our late-stage investigational drug developments provide unique therapeutic options for millions of diagnosed but untreated or undertreated dry eye patients:

Novaliq is a private biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of first- and best-in-class ocular therapeutics based on EyeSol®, the worldwide first water-free ophthalmic technology.