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  • Novaliq Transforms Topical Therapies

    Our unique and versatile water-free technology is poised to transform established treatments.

  • Potential to Redefine Dry Eye Disease Drug Therapies with EyeSol®

    Our products target key drivers of the disease and have constantly demonstrated significant improvement in sign and symptoms of dry eye in clinical trials.

  • Overcoming Limitations in Eye Care Therapies

    Our technology, opens completely new and intriguing opportunities to cure, relief and prevent diseases in various areas of indications for patients.

  • Fast and powerful anti-inflammatory dry eye drug therapy

    CyclASol® unfolds the full potential of cyclosporine A on the ocular surface with an unprecedented tolerability profile

  • We are Pioneers

    Our team of seasoned industry experts explores the world of water-free therapies to develop best-in-class ocular therapies. We expand into other eye care indications and topical therapeutics spaces.

  • Novel Drug Products Creation with new composition-of-Matter IP

    Our technology is a powerful Intellectual Property (IP) engine

Novaliq is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of first- and best-in-class ocular therapeutics based on EyeSol®, the first and only water-free technology worldwide for ophthalmology products.


EyeSol® – our unique and versatile water-free technology

Lead product candidates

Our late-stage investigational drug developments provide unique therapeutic options for millions of diagnosed but untreated or undertreated dry eye patients: