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  • Novaliq in the U.S.A.

    Transforming ocular therapies in the biggest healthcare market

Novaliq Inc. is dedicated to leverage the advantages and the potential of the first and only water-free EyeSol® technology and its innovative products for the U.S. market. It is a 100% subsidiary of Novaliq GmbH.

The Cambridge-based office is headed by Dr. Christian Roesky, Novaliq’s President of the Novaliq Inc.

Novaliq Inc.

Harvard Square One Mifflin Place Suite 400
Cambridge, MA 02138

Betaliq Inc. is developing two beta blockers, for the treatment of glaucoma.

  • BTQ 1901 is an EyeSol® based formulation of a potent selective beta blocker that has not previously been used to treat glaucoma.

  • BTQ 1902 is an EyeSol® based formulation of timolol, the most commonly prescribed beta blocker.

Novaliq is a majority shareholder of Betaliq Inc. Betaliq Inc. is incorporated in Delaware and based in Tampa Florida headed by Barry Butler, an entrepreneur with 30 years of pharmaceutical experience.

Betaliq Inc.

3030 Rocky Pointe Dr., W-S 150
Tampa, FL

NOV03 and CyclASol® 0.1% provide novelties in the treatment of DED allowing a pathogenesis-driven treatment building on the unique properties of EyeSol®. The two investigational drugs have been designed to distinctly target either predominantly aqueous or evaporative dry eye disease as this critical for therapeutic success. Both are currently in phase 3 development:

  • NOV03 (100% perfluorohexyloctane) is the first drug developed to treat signs and symptoms of evaporative DED associated with Meibomian gland dysfunction in a highly effective way.

  • CyclASol®, an ophthalmic solution of 0.1% cyclosporine A in EyeSol®, is an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating drug for the treatment signs and symptoms of aqueous deficient DED showing sustained efficacy on ocular surface healing.

Both investigational drugs have demonstrated superior clinical benefits, with an early onset of action and an excellent tolerability profile. Novaliq expects to conclude both clinical developments in 2020.


Our team of seasoned industry experts explores the world of water-free therapies to develop best-in-class ocular therapies. We expand into other eye care indications and topical therapeutics spaces.

  • Christian Roesky Ph.D.

    Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
  • Oliver Schlüter Ph.D.

    Managing Director/Chief Financial Officer
  • Frank Löscher Ph.D.

    CEO Dermatology & Chief Technology Officer
  • Gabriela Burian MD, MPH

    Consulting Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Sonja Krösser

    Vice President Preclinical and Clinical Development
  • Dr. Martin Mauden

    Vice President Chemistry, Manufacturing & Control
  • Dr. Jörg Haißer

    Vice President Supply Chain Management & Analytical Development
  • Karen Pasig

    Vice President Finance & Accounting