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First-in-class, preservative-free eye treatment and tear film stabilizer in evaporative dry eye disease

Our journey started with NovaTears®, the first water-free eye drop based on EyeSol® for the treatment of dry eye.

Novatears® is CE certified since 2013 and successfully commercialized in Australia/New Zealand by AFT Pharmaceuticals and in Europe as EvoTears™ by Ursapharm.

  • As the first-of-its kind, NovaTears® offers a new Mode of Action by acting as a lubricating lipid layer stabilizer and evaporative barrier for improving tear film stability and quality.

  • NovaTears® is clinically validated by significant improvement in signs and symptoms in patients with evaporative dry eye disease and Meibomian Gland Disfunction MGD in a number of clinical trials.


more information about the clinical trials.


Our products target key drivers of the disease and have constantly demonstrated significant improvement in sign and symptoms of dry eye in clinical trials.