First and only drug to treat evaporative dry eye disease associated with meibomian gland dysfunction

Novaliq Product Nov03

NOV03 is a first-in-class, preservation free eye lubricant under clinical evaluation. It is the first specifically designed drug addressing evaporative dry eye disease (DED) associated with meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

What are the benefits of NOV03?

  • Immediate stabilization of the lipid layer without vision blurring.
  • Restores the tear film by increasing tear film and lipid layer thickness.
  • It is pure – contains no surfactants or preservatives.

Clinical Trials conclude the efficacy and safety

  • The results of NT-001 and NT-002 – prospective, multicenter, non-interventional studies – show improvements of signs and symptoms of DED in patients suffering from evaporative DED and patients suffering from DED caused by MGD, respectively.
  • Results from a recent clinical trial further showed that Perfluorohexyloctane restores the natural tear film by significantly increasing tear film and lipid layer thickness in patients with mild to moderate DED within 2-4 weeks of treatment.
  • As Perfluorohexyloctane further penetrates the meibomian glands, it potentially dissolves meibomian lipids and eventually helps to improve meibomian gland functionality.
  • NOV03 may become the first non-blurring, water and surfactant-free treatment to address the medical needs of patients with evaporative DED.

What is the regulatory status of NOV03?

NOV03, NovaTears® development program for US market, headline data of the phase 2 clinical study are anticipated in Q4 2018.

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