First and only water-free technology

Novaliq’s innovative EyeSol® technology is based on novel and exclusive water-free excipients which have been established and validated as key ingredients for innovative ophthalmic products:

  • the technology platform is proprietary to Novaliq and IP protected.
  • rich pipeline with first- and best-in-class candidates for dry eye, glaucoma and retinal diseases.
  • the technology is clinically proven to be safe and effective.
  • Novaliq has generated a broad range of clinical and pre-clinical data to confirm safety, tolerability, efficacy and comfort.
Novaliq EyeSol® drug delivery technology

How does the EyeSol® drug delivery technology work?

EyeSol® technology enhances traditionally water-insoluble or unstable drugs resulting in:

  • eye drops with better and higher solubility, stability, bioavailability, safety and comfort;
  • overcoming the various limitations of traditional water-based eye drops;
  • formulations that are water-free and therefore preservative-free;
  • better penetration in tissues;
  • better drug delivery, efficacy and longer retention;
  • multi-dose presentations;
  • small drop size, excellent spreading.

Our fast and proven drug development process increases success and time to market.

What is special about EyeSol®?

EyeSol® is based on specific semifluorinated alkanes (SFAs). These compounds have the same refractive index as water and are transparent, inert, non-toxic, amphiphilic liquids that are able to formulate lipophilic and large molecules, such as biologic agents. Because they have very low surface tension and viscosity, SFAs dispense as a low volume drop (<12 µL) that does not stimulate blinking or reflex tearing. Having both low surface tension and low interface tension, EyeSol® products spread rapidly over the ocular surface and form a flat, transparent monolayer that enables clear vision without blurring. Because of their amphiphilic nature, EyeSol® products also interact with tear film lipids and have been shown to stabilize and restore the tear film.

Being aqueous-free, EyeSol® products avoid hydrolytic and oxidative reactions that can degrade active pharmaceutical ingredients, thus improving product stability. In addition, the water-free EyeSol® technology does not support microbial growth, and therefore it allows manufacturing of preservative-free formulations in multi-dose containers. It also avoids problems of tip clogging that can occur with suspensions.

What are the benefits of the technology?

Novaliq’s disruptive, IP protected EyeSol® technology enables our partners to

  • get access to innovative products to protect, treat and manage ocular diseases for increased effectiveness and better stability.
  • formulate and stabilize a wide range of APIs, including but not limited to macromolecules and proteins.
  • enable poorly soluble APIs by utilizing a new kind of drug delivery.


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