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  • Novel Drug Product Creation with new composition-of-Matter IP

    Our technology is a powerful Intellectual Property (IP) engine

Topical therapies are the therapeutic pillar for many diseases, but traditional water- or oil-based formulations have significant limitations that may influence efficacy and safety.

EyeSol® is the worldwide first and only water-free technology for ophthalmic products. It dramatically increases the residual time on the eye from seconds to hours and enables high bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with excellent tolerability and safety while reducing systemic exposure due to a small drop size (<12 µL).

Thereby EyeSol® unlocks the full potential of APIs by generating novel drug products often even with new Composition of Matter IP. The technology is clinically validated, safe and well accepted.

Our products have the potential to redefine drug therapies. Refer to Products or Pipeline for more insight on how EyeSol® overcomes the limitations in eye care therapies

Novaliq Ophthalmic Pipeline

Clinical Development & Marketed Products

EyeSol® Product Indication Phase I Phase II Phase III NDA Market Next milestone Sponsor/Partner
Dry Eye Disease Certified ophthalmologic device (CE) Geographic

NovaTears® + Omega-3 (perfluorohexyloctane, omega-3) Dry Eye Disease Certified ophthalmologic device (CE) Geographic

(cyclosporine 0.1%)
Dry Eye Disease
U.S. PDUFA date:
8 June 2023
China NDA Submission
Dry Eye Disease
(associated with MGD)
U.S. PDUFA date:
28 June 2023
China NDA Submission
(timolol 0.5%)
Dry Eye Disease
Pressure (Glaucoma)
Phase III initiation

EyeSol Research Development program in ophthalmology: lipophilic, instable APIs & biologicals

EyeSol® Product Target indication Early PC PoC (MoA) PoC (PoP) Pre-IND IND
& combination products
Elevated Intraocular Pressure
Global R&D
Development Strategy:

Strategically target and
address key issues in

Iodine (molecular)
Ocular infections
Tacrolimus Non-infectious anterior uveitis
Cyclosporine Ocular allergies
Atropine Progressive myopia
Anti-ischemic (small molecule) Diabetic retinopathy
Peptide (undisclosed) Diabetic retinopathy

Note: NDA = New Drug Application at US Food and Drug Administration (FDA); MGD = Meibomian Gland Dysfunction; API = Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.

Approved CE products: Novatears®, Novatears®+Omega-3