Novaliq offers an industry-leading drug portfolio

What products are next in the pipeline?

NOV03 and CyclASol® 0.1% provide novelties in the treatment of DED allowing a pathogenesis-driven treatment building on the unique properties of EyeSol®. The two investigational drugs have been designed to distinctly target either predominantly aqueous or evaporative dry eye disease as this critical for therapeutic success.  Both are currently in phase 3 development:

  • NOV03 (100% perfluorohexyloctane) is the first drug developed to treat signs and symptoms of evaporative DED associated with Meibomian gland dysfunction in a highly effective way.
  • CyclASol®, an ophthalmic solution of 0.1% cyclosporine A in EyeSol®, is an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating drug for the treatment of signs and symptoms of aqueous deficient DED showing sustained efficacy on ocular surface healing.

Both investigational drugs have demonstrated superior clinical benefits, with an early onset of action and an excellent tolerability profile. Novaliq expects to conclude both clinical developments in 2020.

Dry Eye Disease Rx Product Family

Glaucoma & Retina Development Programs

What clinical studies are currently under way?

Based on the positive topline data of the ESSENCE-1 and SEECASE-1 trials (presented in October 2018), Novaliq has accelerated its development program to make the investigational drug treatments CyclASol® and NOV03 available soon.

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